Go Links

Tiger's Mouth - Kid's Go site

Sensei's Library - collaborative web site about Go
361Points.com - A lot of information about Go (News, Go Problems, Resources)
Life in 19x19 - Blog site

Learning Sites
Interactive Way to Go - Interactive site to Learn Go. Great site to learn basics of go.
eIdoGo - Great site to learn Corner Openings.
GoProblems.com - Good study site for Go problems.
Hitachi - Weekly Life and Death Problems
Weiqi.com - Another good Study Site.
badukmovies.com - Video Go Lessons.
World Baduk - Information and Lessons.

Professional Games
Go Kifu - Game records of Professional games
Go Game Guru - Go News, Go Problems and Commented Professional Go games
Go Commentary - Video Commentary of Go games (Good explanations)

Myongji University - Only University awarding Bachelors in Go

Go servers

Go Apps
"iPad Go app called Tetsuki".
       Tetsuki Video
"iPhone Go app called SmartGo".
        iPhone Go app Video
"Android Go apps called gobandroid, acego, koalago, goigo".
       Android Go app Video

Go Books and Equipment

The following are good introductions to the game of Go.
Download a free Windows Go program to learn how to play.
       Download igowin